Since 1989, B.P.S. Milcom Co., Ltd. – PLATO’s mother company – has been a leading manufacturer of fine Teak garden furniture, architectural woodwork and flooring. PLATO was then established in 2004 as our own brand to integrate the firm’s strength in both production and design capability, offering modern to contemporary interior and exterior furniture, solid wood centric. The launch was a overwhelming success with positive comments among consumers and leading design magazines. PLATO is now expanding to international markets that seek for new designs including Hong Kong, Malibu–U.S., France. We also exhibit our latest collections in events such as IMM – D3 (Cologne), Maison et Objet – OUTDOOR (Paris), and Spazio Ex Ansaldo (Milan)


The GOLDEN TEAK has been long praised for its unrivaled beauty and physical characteristic for good reasons. Being one of the most sought-after types of timber since the colonization era, its popularity was owed to the excellent decay resistance, natural repellence effect on termites/ insects, and dimensional stability. Second-to-none timber to be used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and boat decks.

Beliefs of TEAK known in S.east Asia had also made the wood more valuable, or even holy. TEAK, or “SAK” in Thai language, is one of the “9 sacred wood” which named after a deity mentioned in Hindu/ Buddhism religions.

This accordingly made the wood into an auspicious symbol, bringing great fortune to the owner.


Nature is the source of inspiration for our work, either directly or subtly. PLATO wants to offer a fresh, alternative story by blending cool Asian-influenced aesthetic into a modern living. In stead of straightforwardly using ethnic styles, our design is a clash of delicate Thai crafts and futuristic sensation.

We also believe that great designs must be created by observing the actual ways of living in order to meet with present requirements and catch up with dynamic cultures. Our teak specialization is mixed with modern technologies and ideas to present the new visions of furniture trend, creating objects suitable for today’s lifestyles.


110 employees, 11,600m2 production area, 6 dried-kiln units. Operated by machine & craftsmanship. Current production availability in 40 containers a year.

Delivery 4-6 weeks after receipt of a container size order. Moisture content as low as 8-10% can be done upon request.


As part of our commitment, we offer “customization” on most of our furniture. Our Design & Development dept. is gald to assist in designing the custom pieces either for home-use or project. The consultation service is FREE of charge as well as minor customizations such as special size or color requests which do not affect the structure. For the project work that requires a whole new design process, fees might incur and charged at the minimum rate. We however assist the client in every possible way including cooperting our partners who have been working and supplying us with other kinds of materials.